03 April 2017

i have a new blog thing!

it's actually a portfolio, but the blogging platform makes photo uploading so easy & the quality doesn't get compromised :'-) it's over here – adithi.me

i'll keep this blog fo'sho but i don't know whether i'll update it or keep it as a diary or memory book of sorts, sorta like pre-major documentation. so yeah it'll be here.

here's to a new beginning wew!!!!
catch you later.

22 September 2016

room tour

i spend all of my time either slaving away in school or slacking/sleeping in hall. i figured, hey, why not try and show my life through my room? this is a lame attempt to try and have depth in my pictures so i don't know how i'm doing.

the closét, shared by my roomie & i (she also coincidentally comes from my jc LOL)(talk about a small world)

my corner that i hogged (since i moved in first) and converted into a dumping ground for art stuff

i cleaned my table yesterday after a month of not being able to see the ugly ass ochre. won't last long though.

yes after this photo was taken i cleared out the rubbish bin.

yes i am aware i have a lot of face stuff. and hats. just trying to make this place homey ja feel?

who needs meals when you have milo.

messy ass bed, what did you expect HAHAHA

sometimes, if i'm too tired (read: lazy) i just sleep next to/on clean laundry. if i'm not too lazy to dump em onto the chair.

bathroom. w/ a leaky ass toilet that makes it impossible to clean the floor.


no outside views and stuff bc i don't want strangers knowing where i live ya. also pls don't think i'm a dirty ass hobo i swear i'm clean.

das it. now go home.

15 August 2016

down with week one

i haven't neglected this space. in fact i check it regularly. but i have had no time/nothing to post. but now i sort of do???? aside from my cargocollective and (impending creation of) squarespace, we've gotten made for us another online portfolio specifically for this course. meaning, whatever creative ideas/developments/projects/products we come up with goes there for an all-year-round examination by profs. quite interesting, coming from the science stream, to have this kind of continuous assessment. also, at least now profs can see where i'm going with my shit and know where to help me out without me struggling to tell them where i need the help in. i'll post a link when it's up and ready i.e. has some form of proper works in it because now it's just a wordpress welcome post and a shitpost we had to post to test the system out. simple stuff, but it bothers me so much, to NO END that i can't change the damn font of the posts fheorhrhoitrhoig

nonetheless, still excited for the year. sorta. the projects have started to come in (it's only been a week jeez) and i am one of 3 people with absolutely no - like, 0 - art background besides some stuff here and there. actually, i'm just excited to fill my portfolio HAHA shiet but the projects are 3chim5me (translation: they're so deep and philosophical that i can't even begin to comprehend anything...) so i'm hoping i don't crash and burn.

to this minute i wonder how i beat out a hundred(s? of) others to get into this course. what did they see in my submission that i don't. hmm.

catch you later.

p.s i actually got the ethernet connected to my macbook all by myself, like i got the correct wire and adapter and shit i'm so proud of myself but i have yet to do laundry in hall WHOOPS hall life is gr8 guys don't pass up that shite.

11 April 2016

"lepakz" gang goes out to lepak some more

(p.s just a heads up, my domain expires soon and i don't intend to renew it just yet. in case you're wondering, this blog's url is y0ungblood.blogspot.com - same as my instagram username. now on to our regular broadcast.)


no idea why the picture quality sucks but i'm just praying i get into a uni so that i can work on the technical aspects......my anxiety is through the roof and i don't go a single day without panicking. also i decided against the uss job and rejected it because i don't think that stress is going to help me out. hoping me and kash can find an opening in uniqlo. 

catch you later.

05 March 2016

hong kong - not a vlog

because i dont like being photographed or filmed.
and my camera kept dying.
and i was too lazy to film.
p/s switch on sound for some classical goodness.

02 March 2016

india trippin (kerala)

hi. i left my dslr at home which was a v questionable decision bc i brought my p310 and slr instead. p310's video quality is grrrrrrreat but picture quality is kinda meh. turns out the whole of trivandrum doesn't sell film....regular 35mm film......hOW? i mean if singapore has film why doesn't this place c'mon. that pissed me off bc i lugged this metal hunk o junk (im kidding) for nothing along w my laptop and other things. like my bangtan planner bc i may be obsessed. ended up taking photos on my iphone 5 (yes i still use that) and editing them on vsco. good ol' iphone 5, the best iphone along w the 5s imo bc the batt lasted me the whole day and the photos look q good amirite??? also i went to big bazaar and bought some clothes. the plus-sized clothes there were so pretty!!!!!! the regular sized clothes' selection was meh, the nice shirts i saw started at an M and while i like my shirts slightly baggy, bigger sized shirts have deeper necklines and...clearly since i have nothing to fill (ehem) it kinda sags in front. i buy sizes based on the cut which is a smart thing to do tbh bc not all shirts fit the same!!! + the clothes i loved were plus sized and while i did buy a plain white v-neck from the range, only t-shirts look good baggy. boho chic is meant to fit and not to make you look like a pillowcase. 

can't wait to go back to chennai and get some film. we're taking a flight back because we're SO over train travel. ps rats are kinda cute close up AHAHAHAHHAAH 

catch you later.

24 February 2016

industrial af

again, there's like,  60 more photos i've got that i really like (i should really cut down but still) but i'm saving them for the squarespace site. i may or may not keep this blog, i don't really know. if only blogger's interface was more sleek and picasa didn't compromise photo quality zzz i can't constantly be uploading images to imgur and ctrl c + ctrl v them here one by one. so mafan.

these are the ones i posted to my instagram @y0ungblood. model is my friend seakim @holykimchi.

10 February 2016

hong kong

the flight was an early morning one. we had to fit a tour of the whole country within 3 days. i knew we wouldn't have time to rest before we got up to go after dumping our bags in the hotel, but i didn't think it was just 5 minutes. to say that we were exhausted after the first day, let alone the first trip, is an understatement.

we took the train most of the time, because there was an MTR (not to be confused with MRT) station almost everywhere within walking distance. i personally prefer walking to taking the bus bc i get lost all the time – unless im walking or taking the train.

the whole place is crazy crowded!!!! even though singapore's population density is higher than hong kong's, there was no time and no place that wasn't crowded. i'm talking peak hour crowds at 2pm in a relatively ulu area on a friday. even orchard road has times of the day where there are few people but not here!

protip: if you don't speak cantonese or chinese, find the name of your destination in chinese letters and show it to the taxi driver bc he/she'll better understand.

cnbc......cool but not as big as i thought it would be. seriously, this office was about 5% the size i'd imagined

i'll definitely go back with friends, the streets make amazing backgrounds for outfit posts and stuff

what yeezys?

more amazing backgrounds.

beware of 45º sloping roads. my thighs were so incredibly sore from going up and down on streets like these.

victoria peak, where the winds blow at 20kmph, scrape your knucles and turn your face white. i loved it!!!! oh lord the wind was a cold but dry kind of strong wind and i hate it when it's humid but since it's dry it was awesome. since it wasn't humid, i was (the only one who was) not cold at all. i was cozy in my t-shirt and thin jacket. but i needed gloves. p/s someone needs to invent nose gloves asap


the pics are shite but that's because i plan to re-upload these pics once i move to squarespace when i start uni and build up my portfolio (protip: uni students get 50% off the first year) and i may or may not come back to blogger bc too many platforms to handle. i never thought i'd move away from blogger but looks like it's time. sounds like a teary goodbye hahahah but nah man, i'll miss being able to customise the shit out of templates but change is good. hint: i don't handle change well at all.

dis gon b gud.
catch you later.

01 January 2016

have a new year

let's see how i did last year i.e. review 2015 and see if i actually got shit done.

actually i'd say i didn't do too shabbily. my no.1 - be more confident - kinda came with the "give less fucks" territory. so did the "put the past behind" and "don't get too attached" bullets. i can say i didn't get emotional this year but boy did i stress out. in fact i'd never been stressed out to this extent, ever. probably bc my prelims were shit so i projected the a levels to be shit too. but that's all for march. couldn't focus either because i didn't see a point in studying that shit (but yes, i did study) and didn't like the subjects - except maybe econs. no time to prioritise myself (shocker!!!!11!) or to read. but i discovered the korean language which i guess kinda means i did get more educated??? also rekindled my love for rapping. nah i'm kidding.

so here's sixteen resolutions for 2016:

18 December 2015

55th floor

needed to practice photographing people. rest of the photos here @ my portfolio. also, snaps to me for not buying anything the whole day (12-7pm) - a never before achieved feat. not to mention i actually managed to eat a healthy lunch (an overpriced friend mushroom and vegetable sandwich from starbucks that was 60% capsicum) but alas! i had butterbeer after that hohohoho diet? what diet?? i'm sure we burnt something, i mean, we walked for like 5 out of the 7 hours i think. i feel like 1cm of my foot has been worn out. by the by, ion sky has a really nice view. and it's free with loadsa spaces for you to sit (on the floor but we are a lepak nation so what's the issue) and to yak. too bad we couldn't stay long enough to see the sun set. would've been "gorges".

ps. does anybody know how to change settings on vsco so that it uses high res photos? it keeps resizing my photos to 640px and is destroying the resolution and deteriorating the quality to the point where it legitimately looks bad.

and that concludes an adventurous day w/ iffay and adidi
catch you later.

i have a new blog thing!

it's actually a portfolio, but the blogging platform makes photo uploading so easy & the quality doesn't get compromised :'...