04 January 2014


This is probably the third blog I've created and till now I don't know what blogging genre my content is gearing towards. Fashion? I wish. Art? Not with my art skills. Photography? I'd love to be a photoblogger but with this country's education system leaving me with a jam-packed schedule, I can't commit to that. So a lifestyle(ish) blog this will be.

Honestly all my friends are going "Nobody keeps a blog anymore." but I feel like if you constantly check twitter and instagram, you can blog too. And I've lost interest in social media because everyone's constantly updated on whatever you're doing, and that's where it stops. No honest thoughts can be shared in 140 characters, less if you've got pictures. I've always loved how blogs are a public diary so why not share my shenanigans  through words and pictures with content people can sit down and assimilate and slowly learn about you.

Because fuck social media.
(not facebook because I use that to keep track of old schoolmates)

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