16 July 2014


Today was alot more fun than usual because we got down and dirty with loads of (nice, warm( water and a leaky bucket. By the end of the day, the whole of the C1-2 classroom's floor was practically soaked under an inch of water because of that bucket that leaked water all over my the floors. More importantly, all over my favourite pair of shoes. It's okay, i'll survive. From the outside, we legitimately looked like a nightclub because we had to switch off the lights to take the pictures, and since we had to use flash it looked like strobe lights (ain't no party like a photography club party). I nearly lost my marbles because my camera refused to focus & TAKE THE PICTURE which meant we had to constantly refill the bucket and pour the water and what not. But it was a fun experience nonetheless! It's amazing how once the flash goes off, for that one millisecond you can see the blobs of water frozen in space by the light. Physics at play, I'm sure of it. You should try it for yourself and see the magic, it's SO COOL.

i have a new blog thing!

it's actually a portfolio, but the blogging platform makes photo uploading so easy & the quality doesn't get compromised :'...