06 July 2014

home alone

(A little story I found online, I'll link it back once I find the source.)

 when i was about 10/11 i was ill and did not go to school one day, my parents both worked and couldnt get the day off so told me just to stay in the house and dont answer the door to anyone, and the usual stranger talks etc. i was sitting watching tv in the front room that has a big bay window that looks out onto the street, which is a main road with a row of shops across the road. i felt awkward with all the people walking past so decided to shut the curtains slightly and for some reason as i did i noticed this man in his late 40s/ early 50s with a beard and glasses wearing a green knitted jumper( he looked like your stereotype child abductor) something about him walking past just seemed strange, but not enough to play on my mind until he walked past again 10 mins later in the same direction, as if he had just looped round the block. 10 minutes later he appeared again and stopped at the edge of the driveway for about 30 seconds looking at the window, he then proceeded to the door looking in the window as he walked by, it was an old victorian sandstone house with big storm doors on the front that you needed a key to open, so he couldnt get in he knocked the door a few times but something just told me not to answer, he then came to the window banging it and saying something but i couldnt make it out, i then noticed the realisation in his face that there was a back door, my parents never locked the back door so the dog could come in and out as he pleased, i ran through to the kitchen and within seconds of turning the key and locking it the handle started turning and he started banging the door i just curled up in a ball on the floor in fear, he started trying to open windows and eventually left about 30 mins later. i dread to think what could have happened if i had not remembered the back door was unlocked

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