30 December 2014

i was out on the town

At the heart of the island lies a small, concrete jungle - formally referred to as Marina Bay. As much as teens love being free and having a job which allows them to travel and go around, I'm actually really looking forward to having a desk-bound/laboratory-bound job.

I love discovering new places as much as the next guy but at the end of the day, I am one who craves structure. Routines. Without order I pretty much lose my sense of direction (THE IRONY). That's also why I'm not a poly kid. I'd probably go insane in the membrane.

More than looking at nature, I love having a view of tall office buildings and what not. You can clearly tell how much I am not a nature person. I can't even step on grass while barefoot without having a cringe attack.

Is this not appealing? Imagine looking at these everyday. The straight lines, the symmetry, the glass panels reflecting the sky. Who needs 100-year-old skyscraper-height trees when you have insanely tall structures am I right??? (I'm joking please keep the trees we need a healthy balance of everything.)

Honestly I find that NYC is the closest to Singapore when it comes to the fast pace. I'm those people who walk at twice the regular speed of many of my friends just because that's how I like things. I like 'em Speedy Gonzales.

Honorary mention to these two for accompanying me on my quest for the perfect picture (which, unfortunately, I didn't get. BUT according to Vid, I should try my luck at Bugis.) You can see the life slowly drain from Vrenda's eyes.

We discovered $3 coffee which, sadly enough, I didn't have money for. (To quote Zhi Peng, "I cry deep deep ocean of tears.") Also, I found the perfect shade of pink in the Topshop's Lip Bullet series which I didn't have money for so there's that. But that colour...it makes my teeth look so white

Like this lil' one's. Look at them pearly whites. (How I love and miss photographing portraits...)

Also today's the day I got to wear out my newly ripped jeans. $13 jeans from Forever 21, cut with scissors and grated with a cheese grater (I'm not joking.) It has been particularly windy these past few days, and today was no exception. Had good knee ventilation. Note: I love Janoskis. Just thought that I should point that out. In bold.

The day ended with walking around MBS and spraying ourselves silly with B&BW scents (psst the glitter one was real cool I really liked it.) Then off to Pastamania we went and we ate 2 medium margarita pizzas (16 slices). There go me abs.

One last postcard before I go.

Catch you later.

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