04 February 2015

and then there were eight

Just a random update.

What's with the title? you might (not) ask. As if after promos last year, our class couldn't get any smaller - but it did. After 6 of the remaining 14 of our class left to do their OGL duties (as I watched wistfully, silently re-evaluating my life and moping over my crushed dreams while eating Domino's) there were only 8 of us left during lessons. So every lesson was like a tuition session. Not to mention that even with full strength our class barely fills up one row during lectures, now the lecture theatre (which houses a few hundreds) looks like a barren wasteland and our class fills up half a row. You know what it feels like? It feels like the war ended and everyone else died (I read the news on a regular basis, I can't help thoughts like these HAHAHAH yes I'm fun at parties.)

I found a lens on flipkart (only delivers to THE MOTHERLAND) - the 35mm DX f/1.8G which costs S$399 here, for ~S$190 (cue church choir). I spent two hours deciding between the 50mm and this, with copious amounts of research and forum-surfing. But considering I'm too broke to ever buy a full frame, and 50mm on a cropped sensor means that I'll be shooting a face but getting a nose - the DX is the one for me!

Speaking of broke, I should explain the top picture: After constantly spending my savings on bags and shoes, I have been banned from buying said bags and shoes. Buying bags I could do without, but shoes???? HOW??? So I have resorted to fixing my old shoes to make them look newer, and more like the ones I want to buy (I've wanted these for so long I could cry) but I'm a survivor, and I'm going to make do with what I've got. Steve Irwin would be so proud.
Too soon?

I've also been deleting posts because I feel like I need to up my content game. Why post often when I could be posting better photos? So yeah there we go. Bloglovin needs to start updating the profiles regularly...

Catch you later.


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