22 March 2015


I love seeing the look on people's faces when I show them my makeup collection. Sure, I may not have as much as beauty gurus on youtube but I have more than the average girly girl. I watch makeup videos religiously and I treat makeup-ing as more of an art form rather than something I do to look nicer because I almost never leave the house with anything but moisturiser. So I got to try my hand at makeup on her face (I get sick of using my own face because makeup makes me look like Jeff the Killer) and why not take photos while I'm at it?

I need a bit more of Indianism in my photos. And my life, I think. I'm an undercover Indian – I look like one features-wise but I don't act or sound like one. But once you get to know me better, you'll finally accept that yeah, I am from India.

p/s I don't usually use filters that much but yeah these are with VSCO film.

Catch you later.


  1. I love how you are embracing your heritage and your natural looks. I love to go out without make up and being just natural. I recall stopping in unexpectedly to a fellow blogger's store where she worked in San Diego, California. She was so happy that I took the time to see her but I could see the look on her face as she hardly recognized me without makeup!!

    Photos look great. Love your natural beauty!!

    adorn la femme

    1. The model is actually my friend (she's MUCH more photogenic than I am) but thanks so much! Its really cool how makeup can change your face, it sure saves the pain of doing something drastic like plastic surgery :-)


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