01 March 2015

doing my part to help the economy

The entire 4-book Maze Runner series: Promos ended in September and on the day it ended, we watched Maze Runner as a class and ever since watching (Minho) the movie I've been obsessed with (Minho) it. I found the whole 4-book set for around Rs. 1000 which is S$22. I know right. I managed to finish Scorch Trials within one night. Was okay lah, the ending was a bit of a letdown though. I expected more. But storyline's still as INTENSE AS EVER!!!!!!!!

A new watch: I think everyone in cyberspace knows about Daniel Wellington watches. They are gorgeous but the prices are steep. I'm talking about as steep as a 90ยบ cliff. Imagine shelling out $180 for a timepiece that I'll end up knocking into walls and dropping everywhere. So I made my way to Mustafa (land of the cheap stuff because they can enjoy Internal Economies of Scale HA) and yeah this watch cost me around $30. You could say that I was...economising.

New fave drink: I need to lose weight man. Not to mention I need to cut down on the junk. This drink isn't that healthy but hey, can it be worse than Coke? Mmmmm, Coke. I like lime juice/lemonade, I like sour stuff, I love the bottle, don't like the price but I enjoy the fact that everyone who took a sip made that cringing face where their face retracted into their neck. What's with this sense of schadenfreude you may ask? Because now, nobody will steal my drinks, or they will regret it. 

Nikkor 35mm f1.8G DX lens: 35mm because I want to be able to use it on the go. The focusing isn't very fast, but maybe its a problem with my (entry-level) camera body. Sometimes it refuses to even focus which can be irritating. But I got it for over 50% off, and that's all that matters.

After a year, I finally got around to (for the thousandth time) re-design our class tee, then we got it ordered and its due to come on Monday! Excited because for the first time, I actually like what I've designed. Usually the people getting it will be like "Why change? Nice what!" but I feel like it's not unique enough. We've already gotten the photog shirts done by us - photog club's design team - but we still have one more camp shirt to go before I retire photoshop for good.

In the meantime, between school and tuition (wow check out my social life) I have acquired some items that will help to add money into the circular flow of income #econslife but technically the more expensive things were bought off flipkart so I am in no way helping our domestic economy. Sorry PM Lee.

Okay, good break. But ugh, so wordy. Time to head back to life. Sian. ☹
Catch you later.

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