05 March 2015

headshots for free

If we're providing services for free (ref. child labour) we might as well have fun with it.

We learnt how to use studio lights and flashes to take proper pictures. It was cool until we realised we had to take some J1s' passport photos HAHA. We should get paid for this, and any other school event for that matter. I'd be filthy rich right now. After that, we rolled out the black background sheet and had fun (its $200 so you may see some tears and folds and tape at the back). I got a neat headshot (sort of) and a cool profile pic thing so that's pretty exciting no? Would've still preferred to join a sports cca, but maybe its fate that the sports I wanted weren't there :"-) Shall end this with my favourite photo of all time.

Catch you later.

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