27 April 2015

5min food: three-berry smoothie

Running out of time? Feeling hangry and nobody's home to make you something? Doctor tell you that you eat like crud and need to incorporate nature into your diet? Hello, I'm here to help.

And yes, bananas are berries.

The making part:
Half part blueberries, half part raspberries. Add some water. Grind until it becomes smoothie consistency. Filter out the seeds and what nots and undesirables. //////// Grind the banana separately until it becomes creamy like a milkshake. Don't inhale, bananas stink like a %*&£#. Add sugar into the banana blend and blend again for a few seconds. //////// Add the filtered berries into the banana/sugar mix. Add a bit more water. Blend again.


Doesn't look like much, but it tastes so much better than it looks. If it's not sweet enough, add more sugar to the mix and re-grind.

The boring stuff:
Raspberries and blueberries have antioxidants. The former improves your metabolism, the latter improves memory. Bananas have fibre, so you can poop with ease. Isn't that what we want?  Click on the names for more info (but lets be real, if you're reading this you can't be bothered with all that info)

It takes a lazy (and hungry) person to think up of lazy recipes.
And that, friends, is why I'm perfect for the job.
Catch you later.


  1. literally same i managed to cook an egg with my godsend microwave

    tips: use milk instead of water so the drink wouldn't look like a chinese medicine!!

    1. yesssss microwave is love, microwave is life.
      it was sUPER thick using water, i think it wouldve turned into pudding if id used milk hahahaha but thanks for the tip!


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