17 April 2015


Hi guys, long time no post. I've been having a tough few weeks. Lots of very demotivating factors being shoved into my face like a cream pie but I guess today's annual English Lit Masquerade was kind of an uplifting experience. I didn't dress up because I've been too busy panicking, emoing, having existential crises, more emo-ing and not to mention sports season duty for photog. In the midst of that chaos, though, my friends and I managed to film our trailer for The Age of Innocence, our second lit text, made specifically for this event. It wasn't exactly like I'd imagined (the cinematics was COMPLETELY off tangent of what I visualised) but with a zoom lens stuck onto my camera and in between council meetings/cca sessions/SYF practices/A divs matches, we managed to put this together. With that being said, I hate iMovie. I couldn't even change fonts. What the???? But after much frustration and hours spent on google, here it is. Remember, we are A level students, not expert poly mass comm students. Also, pardon the audio and video quality because, again, iMovie sucks sometimes.

A for effort lah, we tried.
Catch you later.


  1. I loved it!! honestly, very professionally done ( to me that is, & I'm kind of a noob hahah ) considering the limited time you had in your seemingly super tight schedule. well done!

    1. "seemingly" is an understatement hahahah but thank you! i really want to make more (and more well-made) films someday

  2. I loved it, a mini movie trailer on a book I admit I have never read! Now, I want to!!!

    adorn la femme

    1. if you like old-fashioned writing and don't mind the gradual storyline, then yes definitely!


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