09 May 2015

goodbye, photography club - it's been great.

Okay, I've gotta work fast. ever since some asshat spilt water on my keyboard / maybe i was just sleep-drinking, my mac is on the fritz. the left shift key doesn't work and im too lazy to use the right to capitalise my words. also, the fans are really noisy and the battery bar shoes a big 'x' over the battery and the settings says its at 0% which its clearly not since im using it on battery power. but in any case, lets hurry this up.


friday was cca step-down for us j2s. it just sank in a few minutes ago that wow, i'm done with cca. no more shooting for events, spending hours on sifting through hundreds of photos and then post-processing each one, swearing at google drive for taking hours to upload photos, more hours into designing cca shirts, people badgering you for photos when you're not done with them, no more lugging around a bulky dslr with an even bulkier lens up and down the double decker bus to and from school. i'm done. we're done. i love photography club alot but its a huge load off my shoulders. but it also sank in that the a levels are nearing, and i've got to buck up on my studies. 

the one thing that always stayed on the back of my mind was the fact that even though i / the rest spend hours taking, editing and uploading photos, we hardly get the recognition we deserve. teachers claim we have no right to not complete homework because we presumably don't have anything to do for photog, friends think we're super slack as a cca and people who ask / pester us for photos don't understand that there's so much more to this than finding and giving them a photo for them to upload on ig. hello, if i send you a .nef or .cr7 file you won't be able to upload it on ig anyway right???? 

with that being said, i've learnt so much photography skills in this one year. for the first time, i had teachers-in-charge who were qualified to hold that position. the school actually regarded our importance even if the student body didn't. we all had access to all the equipment we could only ever dream of owning. and considering i was the only hardcore nikon user who wasn't loaded, i had the lenses all to myself hahaha i'll miss that alot.

i definitely will be pursuing something non-photography related course in uni, so this was a good foundation to have that'll keep me moving forward. and i am ever grateful for that.

cr: nailah's camera

ill see you all soon / after my computer gets fixed.
arrivederci, j2s. ill see you guys around.

- adithi
catch you later.

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