18 June 2015

test run

took the new addition out for a test run. it takes pretty good pictures but it only takes max 640x480 video. if you got the camera expecting to become a pro vlogger and make $$$$$ well GUESS WAT. you'd get better quality from a nokia flip phone. kidding, kidding, quality is good but i doubt you want a 480p video when YOU COULD HAVE ALL THE GLORIOUS 1080P VIDEOS YOU COULD EVER MAKE. but it doesn't bother me because videos are what my P310's for, so as long as the photo quality is good i'm good to go. all edited using the free VSCO film 00 pack, which gave it the same look as the photographs i took with my canon ae-1 – so you don't needa buy the camera for the fancy schmancy film look. don't be poor, save some money.

catch you later.

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