27 August 2015

barely holding on

i miss this space so much. i miss photographing, film-making and just documenting in general. there's no time for that. there's no time for anything anymore! i'm just holding on to the fact that in less than a 100 days i'll be free. free to do everything i've been dreaming to do. i've got a dream now, a dream i'm likely to not achieve but hey, i'm just psyched to begin trying. i don't mind failing, as long as i know i've done my best right?? A levels are taking a toll on all of us physically and mentally but here's hoping that going through it's going to be worth it. on the bright side, i've got a new liking for high-walling even though it gave me rope burn and deep scrapes on my knuckles. it's exhilarating and easy to know how to do it (being able to do it, that's another thing huehueheu). two weeks to prelims, and then its full steam ahead to the As. hold me, i'm scared.

Also, not a kpop person, but the song up there's pretty...dope...
catch you later.

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