16 October 2015

watch me graduate



don't want to get all sappy but hey, i'm finishing school.

things i'll miss:
· having a class
· having a house (callisto all the way)
· wearing a uniform (i hate deciding what to wear)
· knowing what to learn – self-directed learning will be the death of me
· not having to worry about choosing courses
· the half hour bus trip to school
· pe and all the awesome electives
· my classmates
· my brown fam
· school spirit
· sneaking out of school tuesday lunches during the 3 period break throughout j1
· my classmates
· the Zimbabwe squad
· the Suicide squad
· borrowing camera equipment whenever the heck i want
· watching the guys throw eraser bits at darryn
· watching team Kawaii angst at each other (lol sorry guys)

things i won't miss
· a level prep
· h2 chemistry
· lit essays
· not having vegetarian food in the canteen 
· being the darkest in the class
· forced consultations
· pw
· studying things i find no interest nor purpose in
· climbing up to f4-1
· c4-3 lectures + banding in general

& the lists go on. but nonetheless, i wouldn't trade my experiences for anything. i didn't hate my jc journey, i hate the a levels. no interesting courses are available here, so i'll just decide based on my results. until then, i'll just dew what i kin dew. and i've really grown in these 1.5 years.

i'll miss seeing you guys everyday, but i'll still see you guys around town. 
catch you later.

oh, and happy graduation bitches.
– your cool friend adithi/acid/whatever

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