22 November 2015

i don't like it, i love it

boys and girls – zico ft. babylon
focus – ariana grande (don't rly like her music much but)

our times (it's chinese but i'm obsessed with this and obsessed with hsu tai yu heuheu)

twelfth night by william shakespeare (yes it's a lit text but it's my favourite text. plus, the globe theatre play w stephen fry is also hiLARIOUS)
in the mood for love album – bts (i'm not a huge kpop fan but the photobook is gorgeous)

triumph & disaster's no dice sunscreen for men (smells so good, like a herb store)
etude house's wonder pore deep foaming cleanser is the bomb.com you can feel your skin tightening
just spent lots of money on muji stationary

sitting at home not having to study mmm nice

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