12 November 2015

the end of an era


hello friends, i'm back. for now.
today, at 11am, marked the last moments of my life that i will ever have to touch maths. hopefully, unless the uni course i applied for needs maths then back to square one. but after the paper – which left me numb, in case you were wondering how i found it, because i honestly cannot tell you whether i knew how to do the question or not – i felt a bit dazed.

one, because it has been 12 years of (unuseful-in-real-life-situations-cambridge-and-SEAB-brand) maths which is the first of two (three, if i never use econs and bother with business / four if i wash my hands of english lit) subjects that i will probably never touch again. and two, because i've spent 6 years in the same tuition with the same two tutors so it'll be strange never seeing them or that neighbourhood ever again since its not an area i need to be in.

i've already started applying for jobs and internships. photography ones, naturally, because i can't apply for a course-related internship if i don't know what i'll be taking in uni. my gut says my A level results are going to be absolute shit but there, there, don't cry for me argentina. i've already planned my route for the three scenarios: the absolute miracle of 88.75 rank points, the average of applying to SUTD instead of the big 3 or, the gutter route which is to take a portfolio-based course instead of a results-based one. i've got my shit together, and so should you.

i missed writing. i missed attempting to convey sarcasm or my disdain for everything. yes, i type like i talk, but with better grammar. i've been on tumblr looking for interesting art exhibit pictures (living vicariously through others from the comfort of my room since 2014) but i should get my ass over to SAM after As. alone, probably, my friends don't like museums that much. too bad we don't have too many renaissance works, those are the shit. modern art confuses me too much.

'tis all i have for now. 5 down, 5 more to go. i'm planning to spend the 27th watching Our Time (a chinese movie that, hopefully, comes with english subtitles) and getting a new hairdo. fun fun fun.

wow, this was long and rambly. my apologies.
catch you later.

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