18 December 2015

55th floor

needed to practice photographing people. rest of the photos here @ my portfolio. also, snaps to me for not buying anything the whole day (12-7pm) - a never before achieved feat. not to mention i actually managed to eat a healthy lunch (an overpriced friend mushroom and vegetable sandwich from starbucks that was 60% capsicum) but alas! i had butterbeer after that hohohoho diet? what diet?? i'm sure we burnt something, i mean, we walked for like 5 out of the 7 hours i think. i feel like 1cm of my foot has been worn out. by the by, ion sky has a really nice view. and it's free with loadsa spaces for you to sit (on the floor but we are a lepak nation so what's the issue) and to yak. too bad we couldn't stay long enough to see the sun set. would've been "gorges".

ps. does anybody know how to change settings on vsco so that it uses high res photos? it keeps resizing my photos to 640px and is destroying the resolution and deteriorating the quality to the point where it legitimately looks bad.

and that concludes an adventurous day w/ iffay and adidi
catch you later.


  1. your photos are so lovely, that view is amazing aaaand I love the Adidas superstars!


    This Kid Is Alright

    1. thanks alot! and yeah they're my #1 go-to pair huhuhu


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