01 December 2015


singapore artscience museum
herm├ęs & particle collider exhibitions
also, the art installation at the end of the collider exhibit and the free vitamin water made it worth the $10. because vitamin water costs like 3 bucks plus. what was meant to be a shopping trip ended up being a museum visit because we were too broke to buy anything and neither of us had the feels (or the funds) to buy anything. i suggested orchard because i thought she needed to buy shoes. she came along because she thought i wanted to go shopping. can somebody say miscommunication???? it was raining and i didn't want to spoil my fake leather boots bc it's fake leather and it'll die. so i bought $5 cotton on flip flops that got flattened from all the walking. no joke, you can see the imprint of my foot – that's how much we walked. should've worn converse haiyo.

also, i'm looking for jobs but nobody wants me. "i cry deep deep ocean of tears." – one of my friends with terrible grammar, 2014. hire me pls. i can't afford the format portfolio/to fix my computer at this rate ha.

catch you later.

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