10 February 2016

hong kong

the flight was an early morning one. we had to fit a tour of the whole country within 3 days. i knew we wouldn't have time to rest before we got up to go after dumping our bags in the hotel, but i didn't think it was just 5 minutes. to say that we were exhausted after the first day, let alone the first trip, is an understatement.

we took the train most of the time, because there was an MTR (not to be confused with MRT) station almost everywhere within walking distance. i personally prefer walking to taking the bus bc i get lost all the time – unless im walking or taking the train.

the whole place is crazy crowded!!!! even though singapore's population density is higher than hong kong's, there was no time and no place that wasn't crowded. i'm talking peak hour crowds at 2pm in a relatively ulu area on a friday. even orchard road has times of the day where there are few people but not here!

protip: if you don't speak cantonese or chinese, find the name of your destination in chinese letters and show it to the taxi driver bc he/she'll better understand.

cnbc......cool but not as big as i thought it would be. seriously, this office was about 5% the size i'd imagined

i'll definitely go back with friends, the streets make amazing backgrounds for outfit posts and stuff

what yeezys?

more amazing backgrounds.

beware of 45ยบ sloping roads. my thighs were so incredibly sore from going up and down on streets like these.

victoria peak, where the winds blow at 20kmph, scrape your knucles and turn your face white. i loved it!!!! oh lord the wind was a cold but dry kind of strong wind and i hate it when it's humid but since it's dry it was awesome. since it wasn't humid, i was (the only one who was) not cold at all. i was cozy in my t-shirt and thin jacket. but i needed gloves. p/s someone needs to invent nose gloves asap


the pics are shite but that's because i plan to re-upload these pics once i move to squarespace when i start uni and build up my portfolio (protip: uni students get 50% off the first year) and i may or may not come back to blogger bc too many platforms to handle. i never thought i'd move away from blogger but looks like it's time. sounds like a teary goodbye hahahah but nah man, i'll miss being able to customise the shit out of templates but change is good. hint: i don't handle change well at all.

dis gon b gud.
catch you later.


  1. real talk, buses are bloody confusing

    aw, i like your blog (i never go here anymore because i'm lazy but seriously i do)

    1. ye man i still get confused with sg buses and its been so many yeaaaars.
      and naw thanks man, cant wait to upgrade this space into a decent blog huhuhuhu


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