24 February 2016

industrial af

again, there's like,  60 more photos i've got that i really like (i should really cut down but still) but i'm saving them for the squarespace site. i may or may not keep this blog, i don't really know. if only blogger's interface was more sleek and picasa didn't compromise photo quality zzz i can't constantly be uploading images to imgur and ctrl c + ctrl v them here one by one. so mafan.

these are the ones i posted to my instagram @y0ungblood. model is my friend seakim @holykimchi.


  1. Loving the industrial vibess. Also your photography is amazing (I would have added an ok hand emoji but i'm on a windows computer so the thought is there)

    Yige- a blog

    1. thank you!! nah s'ok i'll just visualise the emoji (+ i have a mac and i don't know how to put emojis either)

  2. AESTHETIC ALERT *sparkles*

    ava, http://landofquiet.blogspot.com

  3. somebody call the papers!!!!!!11!!1!!!


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