02 March 2016

india trippin (kerala)

hi. i left my dslr at home which was a v questionable decision bc i brought my p310 and slr instead. p310's video quality is grrrrrrreat but picture quality is kinda meh. turns out the whole of trivandrum doesn't sell film....regular 35mm film......hOW? i mean if singapore has film why doesn't this place c'mon. that pissed me off bc i lugged this metal hunk o junk (im kidding) for nothing along w my laptop and other things. like my bangtan planner bc i may be obsessed. ended up taking photos on my iphone 5 (yes i still use that) and editing them on vsco. good ol' iphone 5, the best iphone along w the 5s imo bc the batt lasted me the whole day and the photos look q good amirite??? also i went to big bazaar and bought some clothes. the plus-sized clothes there were so pretty!!!!!! the regular sized clothes' selection was meh, the nice shirts i saw started at an M and while i like my shirts slightly baggy, bigger sized shirts have deeper necklines and...clearly since i have nothing to fill (ehem) it kinda sags in front. i buy sizes based on the cut which is a smart thing to do tbh bc not all shirts fit the same!!! + the clothes i loved were plus sized and while i did buy a plain white v-neck from the range, only t-shirts look good baggy. boho chic is meant to fit and not to make you look like a pillowcase. 

can't wait to go back to chennai and get some film. we're taking a flight back because we're SO over train travel. ps rats are kinda cute close up AHAHAHAHHAAH 

catch you later.

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