11 April 2016

"lepakz" gang goes out to lepak some more

(p.s just a heads up, my domain expires soon and i don't intend to renew it just yet. in case you're wondering, this blog's url is y0ungblood.blogspot.com - same as my instagram username. now on to our regular broadcast.)


no idea why the picture quality sucks but i'm just praying i get into a uni so that i can work on the technical aspects......my anxiety is through the roof and i don't go a single day without panicking. also i decided against the uss job and rejected it because i don't think that stress is going to help me out. hoping me and kash can find an opening in uniqlo. 

catch you later.


  1. Replies
    1. thank you! just hoping that they email me soon before i lose it :-/

  2. I love it both styles!
    great pics great coordinates
    lovely blog



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