22 September 2016

room tour

i spend all of my time either slaving away in school or slacking/sleeping in hall. i figured, hey, why not try and show my life through my room? this is a lame attempt to try and have depth in my pictures so i don't know how i'm doing.

the clos├ęt, shared by my roomie & i (she also coincidentally comes from my jc LOL)(talk about a small world)

my corner that i hogged (since i moved in first) and converted into a dumping ground for art stuff

i cleaned my table yesterday after a month of not being able to see the ugly ass ochre. won't last long though.

yes after this photo was taken i cleared out the rubbish bin.

yes i am aware i have a lot of face stuff. and hats. just trying to make this place homey ja feel?

who needs meals when you have milo.

messy ass bed, what did you expect HAHAHA

sometimes, if i'm too tired (read: lazy) i just sleep next to/on clean laundry. if i'm not too lazy to dump em onto the chair.

bathroom. w/ a leaky ass toilet that makes it impossible to clean the floor.


no outside views and stuff bc i don't want strangers knowing where i live ya. also pls don't think i'm a dirty ass hobo i swear i'm clean.

das it. now go home.

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